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5 Facts About Casino Roulette That You Didn’t Know! Must read!!
Casino – You are all familiar with this very popular roulette type casino game. We guarantee that gambling lovers in Indonesia must already understand about this type of roulette casino game. Because this one gambling game is very legendary and popular from the past until now.
However, surely no one knows about the facts in this online casino gambling game, especially about online roulette gambling. So on this occasion we will discuss the facts about the roulette game that you must know.
5 Facts of Online Roulette Casino Gambling That You Must Know
We are sure that many of you who read this article can and understand how to play this online roulette type casino gambling. However, we make sure that few of you don’t know about the facts about the game of roulette. Here are 5 facts about online roulette games that you must know.
• Unbalanced Roulette Wheel
Did you know that the roulette wheel is unbalanced a lot? If you are determined to play roulette at the casino then you should pay close attention to each wheel in the roulette game. Because there are so many unbalanced roulette wheels that make the game unpleasant, of course.
• There is no mathematical formula to win roulette
The second interesting fact is that there is no mathematical formula to win this casino gambling game. If you can have a chance to win playing blackjack by counting each card and the rounds, this does not apply to this online roulette game.
• Roulette Is More Popular In European Countries
This next fact may already be known by many, but not a few also know about this one fact. Roulette is more famous in the world, but if you visit European countries then this game is very popular and legendary from all residents in Europe.
• Numbers and colors that come out consecutively
Fact or myth? Many do not believe the numbers and colors that come out in a row. However, the fact is that the chances of the ball stopping at the same color have come out 10 times in a row at European casinos without any settings in it.
• Casino always benefits
The last fact is if you bet on 1 number and win it, the casino will pay you 35 times your winnings, while the day you get 37 times because there are 38 numbers on each roulette table.
Those are the 5 facts about the casino roulette gambling game that you must know. Thank you and good bye!!

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